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Wintertime brings a whole new set of common dangers for pets. Mouse and rat bait ingestion is perhaps the most frequent cold season preventable problem. If you use these products, make sure that they are placed inside locked cabinets or at least high up, where rodents can find them but your pets cannot. Better yet: use the traps that will only catch rodents and not poison your pet. Antifreeze toxicity is another preventable condition that, unfortunately, has a very small treatment window but devastating consequences. If you pet ingests antifreeze, treatment must start within 6 hours in order to have a chance at success. A pet-friendly antifreeze is available at the local auto-parts store. It is my with propylene glycol so it is not toxic to pets. Ingestion of foods not intended for pets is also a common problem during the holiday season. Chocolate, grapes, red meat, and bones all present treatment challenges should your pet consume any of these. Finally, make sure that your pet has a warm place to go and has fresh water access during the winter. Following these common sense recommendations will help you and your pet survive the winter without exposing them to potentially tragic results of preventable scenarios.

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